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About Dr. Sri Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji

Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji is well known as “MUDRA GURUJI” and is renowned for sharing simple Mudra, Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra for all kinds of problems. He shot to the limelight with the program called “Morning Mantra” which was aired on the Zee Kannada Television channel.

Sri Guruji is highly qualified and has been a software professional which makes him even more special. A person with a science background and who has done so much research on ancient science and spirituality is a rare find.

The reason for Guruji’s popularity amongst the Television viewers within Karnataka, as well as across India and the globe, is his simple dialect and the presentation style which immediately connects one to the subject he addresses. He has touched upon almost all problems one faces in life and has shared simple remedies using Mudra, Mantra, and Tantra for problems varying from simple to complex covering a diversified audience of children, youth, couples, senior citizens, patients, farmers, etc.

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Awards and Felicitations speak volumes about the Knowledge and achievements of a person. In this regard, Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji has received numerous awards and participated in many felicitations.

Prestigious awards conferred to Guruji Sri:

  • Honorable Doctorate from International Global Peace University - recognizing the exceptional contribution, dedication and Social service to the society.
  • Mudra Ratna
  • Mudra Brahma
  • Mudra Shiromani.
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Dharma Darshana

India is a land of rich culture and diverse traditions. This is mainly because of the strong principles defined by the Santana Dharma which is the universal path of righteousness. This defines the purpose of human birth and is based on the law of Karma. Due to the caste system and numerous religions, the true meaning of Dharma, in turn the Sanatana Dharma, is lost. The efforts towards upholding Sanatana Dharma in the right way is diminishing.

Guruji travels across Karnataka visiting many divine shrines, Mutts and other religious places conversing with various religious heads/leaders to showcase how the path of Dharma is being propagated to the next generations at their esteemed organizations. Dharma Darshana covers these details in a series of episodes aired on Siri Kannada Channel.

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Guru Samvada

Though Guruji has given multiple remedies (Mudra, Mantra, Tantra and Yantra) for one problem on Television (which are available on YouTube too), and in addition addresses public grievances over LIVE phone calls and letters addressed to him regularly, thousands of people across Karnataka are waiting for months to consult Guruji and get their problems resolved. In order to bridge this gap, Guruji created an open platform/forum for all grief-stricken people where they can express their grievances to Guruji in person and get solutions on the spot.

Guru Samvada is this open forum that was organized by Siri Kannada TV Channel and these events were also aired on the same channel. The recorded videos are also available on Youtube

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Guru Jnanamruta

As the name signifies, these are quotes containing the divine nectar of knowledge from Guruji. Guruji pens a message each day that He receives from the outer world during meditation. These quotes depict the Art of Living (the Art of living peacefully and adding value to life/birth). One who reads these quotes is sure to gain knowledge embedded in the Vedas, Upanishads and all the sacred unexplored texts. It covers Astrology, Vastu, Human Anatomy, Medical Astrology, Karma Siddhanta (The Law of Karma), Mind-Body-Soul, Personality Development; the list never ends. The lines are applicable to everyone during all walks of life and have the power to transform any problem to a solution.

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Guruji as Chief Guest

Guruji being a celebrity and a mass icon, is often invited as Chief Guest for all kinds of public and private events, programs and functions. And He being a simple down-to-earth person, obliges these requests and attends without fail on most of the occasions. The knowledge which Guruji shares with the audience on these occasions when asked to address is always unique and one gets abundant information as a takeaway from listening to His speeches/discourses.

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About Guruji's Gurus

When we hear about who the Guru of a person is, we will get to know what kind of Knowledge and Intellect he/she possesses. For example, Maharshi Vasistha was the Guru of Lord Rama, Swami Vivekananda had Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as his guru and Lord Surya is the Guru of Hanuman. Likewise, Guruji has had three significant Guru’s in his spiritual journey since childhood.

  1. Sri Guru Niranjanananda Saraswathi
  2. Bhagirathi Guru Maharaj
  3. Sri Sadananda Baba Maharaj.
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Mass Marriages

Getting a couple married outside the family circle adds a lot of virtue (Punya) to one’s spiritual account. Imagine hundreds of couples getting married on one roof every year; that is a mega event.

Such a mega event happens every year where hundreds of couples get married irrespective of caste, creed, religion, financial status, education qualification etc. This event is organized jointly by Shri Digambara Rajabharati Guruji’s team and Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji’s team SSBK.

A few glimpses from this philanthropic spiritual mega event can be found here.

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SSBK Branch Inauguration

Like the jasmine that blooms at night, spreads fragrance bringing rejoice and also radiates hope to find happiness even in the darkest moments, SSBK aims to spread its mission, vision and achieve its goals and objectives all over the world to drive away the darkness and bring in a hope of light and peace in life.

The organization has been expanding since its inception in 2004 and many branches have been established across Karnataka, India and overseas. Guruji has himself inaugurated these branches and plans are in place to establish many new branches in near future.

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TV Shows

Anyone would agree that the media is the most powerful medium for sharing with masses. TV Shows have been a great way of Knowledge transfer and service to the society from Guruji. He has recorded daily shows for many years now in major Kannada TV channels like Doordarshan, Zee kannada, Ayush TV, Public TV, Kasthuri News, Janasri, Sarala Jeevana, Siri Kannada ,etc.

More than 1000 episodes of Guruji have been telecasted and it covers a lot of areas where people have been facing problems in life.

Guruji has given lots of simple solutions through Mudra, mantra, yantra and tantra to major problems faced in society today. What makes these shows more special is the Live Public calls, where people can call up and talk directly with Guruji live and get solutions for their problems. Lakhs of devotees and public have benefitted with a selfless dedication and contribution to the society by Guruji through daily TV shows.

All these TV shows and episodes are uploaded to SSBK Youtube Channel

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Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji has traveled to lot of Yatras or pilgrimage places along with SSBK members and devotees. Important ones include Kadalivana Yatra, Srishaila Yatra, Ganagapura Yatra, etc.

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  • Dwadasha Kala Sarpa
  • Dwadasha Maha Pratyangeera
  • Dwadasha Saraswathi
  • Dwadasha Narasimha
  • Dwadasha Mruthyunjaya
  • Dwadasha Bhairava
  • Dwadasha Sudarshana
  • Dwadasha Mahalakshmi
  • Guru Dattatreya
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  • BM Workshop
  • Advance BM Workshop
  • Agnihotra Workshop
  • Marma therapy Workshop
  • Anjana Nidhi Workshop - Treasure Hunt Workshop
  • Mudra Workshop
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  • GoSeva
  • GuruSeva
  • SamajaSeva
  • Saraswati Mudra Camp
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  • Panduranga Temple
  • Datta Dhama
  • Current services offered
  • Free Orphanage
  • Free old age home
  • Upcoming services and Activities
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Books and Publications

  • Diabetes
  • Saraswathi Mudras
  • Panchamukhi Anjaneya
  • Kaalasarpa Dosha
  • Datta Ashtothara & Pancharathi
  • Navanatha Nayak & Saptha Rushi Mantras
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Research Areas

  • Vishnu Sahasranama
  • Mudra Therapy
  • Spiritual Massage Therapy
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SSBK Main Website: ssbk.in

Sri Panduranga Temple: sripandurangatemple.ssbk.in

SSBK Goshala: goshala.ssbk.in

SSBK e-Seva Center: store.ssbk.in

SSBK Agnihotra Deekshe: agnihotra.ssbk.in

SSBK Mahayaaga Event: mahayaaga.ssbk.in

SSBK Gurupurnima Event: gurupurnima.ssbk.in

SSBK Datta Jayanthi Event: dattajayanathi.ssbk.in