Dr. Sri Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji is well known as “MUDRA GURUJI” and is renowned for sharing simple Mudra, Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra for all kinds of problems.

A brief introduction about Guruji -

  • 17+ Years of experience in providing solutions for any type of problem.
  • 10+ awards including Doctorate received by Guruji
  • 50+ Yaagas like Dwadasha Kalasarpa Yaaga, Dwadasha Maha Pratyangira Yaga, Dwadasha Saraswathi Yaga etc conducted by Guruji
  • 3,000+ tv programs in 10+ channels
  • 1,50,000+ devotees received solutions via Guruji's Consultation, Yaagas, Events, Public calls, Guru Samvada, BM & Agnihotri Deekshas, Negative energy removal Camps, Saraswati Mudra Camps, Medical Camps. Lakhs of people have benefited watching Guruji's episodes in TV & our YouTube channels.
  • 10000+ Agnihotris Deeksarathis given by Guruji
  • 1200+ students benefited from free Saraswathi Mudra Camps
  • 1500+ people trained for Negative Energy Removal by Guruji
  • 5000+ people cured from negative energies through Free Camps
  • 500+ Marma Therapist trained by Guruji
  • 2000+ Patients treated through Drugless Medical Camps
  • 7+ Books written by Guruji
  • 1 NGO by name SSBK with 30+ branches founded by Guruji
  • 1000+ Active SSBK Volunteers
  • 50+ Desi cows maintained under our SSBK Goshala
  • 30+ Guru Samvada Programs
  • 10+ major ongoing projects like Construction of temples, Anna Danna hall, Caves, Orphanages, Increasing number of SSBK Goshalas etc
  • 50+ Social Service projects like Goshala, Free Negative energy removal Camps, Anna dana Programs, Saraswathi Mudra Camps, Durgless Medical therapy Camps, Donation of Dress - food & other required items to Orphanages has been completed by Guruji

"Mudra Ratna", "Mudra Brahma" & "Mudra Shiromani"

Dr. Sri Lakshmi Srinivas

Founder and Chairman of Sri Shirdi Sai Biksha Kendra (SSBK)

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Any funds collected via Guruji's appointments or workshops are utilized for Charitable activities like Construction of Sri Panduranga Swamy Temple, Sri Dattatreya Swamy Temple, Sri Pratyangira Devi Temple, Caves, Anna Daana Hall, Orphanages & Development of SSBK Desi Goshala.

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