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Introduction to Gou-Seva:

The special status of cows and the benefits of caring for them are found throughout the scriptures. In the Vedas, the oldest of the Hindu scriptures, the cow is associated with Aditi, the mother of all the gods.

Every body part of a cow symbolizes some venerable aspect as detailed below:

  • Legs symbolize four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana),
  • Teeth symbolize four puruṣārthas (human pursuits) namely Dharma (righteousness), Artha (material wealth), Kama(desire) and Moksha (freedom). • Horns symbolize the Gods,
  • Face symbolizes the Sun and Moon
  • Shoulders symbolize Agni devatā, the god of fire.

Garuda Purana, Upanishads, Jyothisha Shastra, Brahmanda Purana and many scriptures have stressed on the many benefits of GoSeva (Serving the Cow). The cow is considered the most holy animal as it has all the 365 Gods, 9 Grahas, 12 Rashis & 27 Nakshatras residing in it. Even Lord Sri Krishna has described GoSeva in great detail in Brindavana. Scriptures also mention that Gou Daana (donating a cow) is equivalent to performing an Ashwamedha Yagna.

Guruji said Gou-Seva can be done in 4 ways

Gou-Palana – Cleaning cow’s place, washing and rearing cow’s.

Gou-Pooja – Do pooja for cows.

Gou-Dhana – Donating cow

Gou-Bhojana – Offering food [grass, fruits, vegetables....] to cows.

Here in Shirdi Sai Bhiksha Kendra (SSBK) we do below activities in Datta Dhaama.

  • Gou-Pooja
  • Gou Bhojana seva
  • Bartharinatha GouSeva Tantra.
  • Naganatha GouSeva Tantra
  • Gou-Palana
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We takes many births and experiences happiness and sorrow due to the karmas of his past births. To get rid of our diseases, debts, enemies and evil spirits, one has to do Yaaga, yajna, holy river bathing, pilgrimage , doing pujas and also depend on Yantra-tantra-mantra.

All these remedies are fruitful if done under the guidance of a proper Guru, otherwise time, money and energy are wasted. Somehow rich people do these pilgrimage-religious festivals/fair but poor people cannot do all these services because it's more expensive.

As mentioned in the Guru Gita, Guru Samhita, Datta Charitra and in several Epics (Puranas) that those who cannot do puja-pilgrimage-religious festival/fair, holy river bath, they have to accept one proper Guru (Spiritual Leader) and serve him(Guruseva) & completely surrender to the holy feet of the Guru.

SSBK is one of the spiritual platform for us to do Guruseva provided for us by Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji. Here are the list of activities we do under Guruseva:1. Mass chanting of Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra:It's done on Every month - 2nd Saturday. Where indivisual will select the with selected slots2. Samoohika Sankalpa:If any person is facing any kind of issues, then one of our core members will connect to the individual person & get the proper details to do the sankalpa & to pray for the well being of the suffering person while doing Agnihotra daily.3. Every month On every Pournami, Amavasya , Chaturthi,Shashti, Pushya nakshatra day anyone from our core team members will select episodes from our Guruji's youtube channel , draft into text message & forward to our SSBK whats app groups so that everyone can chant the mantras & solve the problems facing in day to day lives.4. Spiritual Talk: Conducted Every month last Sunday.Here Spiritual topics will be discussed to enrich the spiritual knowledge.

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Introduction to Samja-Seva:

Samaja seva(Social service) refers to the support and help provided to people who are particularly vulnerable or experiencing difficulties. This area covers individual/ family care support for people with disabilities ,care of the elderly, orphans in ashrams.

Social service enables individuals to live normal lives and carry out tasks they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Whether it's emotional support, physical support or social support, social care can completely change the lives of individuals and offer them experiences they wouldn't otherwise have

Here in SSBK we do the following Activities:

1. Mass Agnihotra activity - Online:

Event Occurrence: 3rd Sunday of every month.

Mass Agnihotra activity takes place on the 3rd Sunday of every month, both online and at Sri Panduranga Temple. Here we will be sending the meeting link in all the groups, so the devotees/Agnihotris can join from across the state to do mass Agnihotra & Pray for the well being of all the people who are suffering from various issues.

2. Medical Camp - Offline/Online:

Event Occurrence: 2nd Sunday of every month.

Free Doctor Consultation at any moment of time, for any diseases we need to consult doctors for diagnosis purposes. At many times, due to financial crunch or time constraint many of us ignore minor symptoms which later can turn out to be major health problems. Early diagnosis will help to cure any disease in general.

Online free doctor consultation is to provide an opportunity for everyone to have consultation with SSBK doctors at free of cost

For the past 20 years In Panduranga temple - we conducted the Homeopathy Medical camp from 10AM - 2PM. Doctors will be available to check on patients- and after diagnosing the patients and provide them free medicines.

For the past 2 years due to the pandemic - We made online free doctor consultation to provide an opportunity for everyone to have consultation with SSBK doctors at free of cost. Medical camp online is the first time in the history of SSBK.

Currently doctors are in general consulting patients for ~1 hour.

10 AM - 1 PM → Ayurvedic online consultation

1PM – 2 PM → Homoeopathy online consultation

3. Samaja Seva Hundi Activity:

Event Occurrence: 3rd Sunday of every month.

To perform Daana(Donation) in form of monthly rations so that items shared in Samaja Seva Hundi will be distributed to old age homes, orphanages and other organizations which help needy individuals. Very good seva which will cover both Samaja seva and Guru seva since daana is performed in the name of SSBK and Sri Panduranga Temple.

Our seva team will have to look for an ashram (orphanage or old age home) beforehand and check its genuineness and their requirements if any- Then provide them the items collected in Panduranga temple to any of the identified ashrams.

4. Saraswati Mudra Camp:

Saraswati Mudra camp is one of the important camps that Sri Gurudeva thought of and shared with SSBK volunteers regarding the information. Idea is to sharpen all important skills needed for a student to achieve overall development like marks, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. One of the great seva which covers both Samaja Seva and Guru Seva.

Camp is effectively conducted for students between the classes of 8th to 10th and 1st PU and 2nd PU (or 11th and 12th Standard).

SSBK team to approach a school (any school) to conduct Saraswati Mudra Camp,Once approval is obtained from school management will fix the date for conducting camp with discussion with school management (Mostly Saturday).

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