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Terms Of Use

Payment Terms & Conditions:

Sri Shirdi Sai Biksha Kendra (SSBK) is a non-profit, spiritual and social service center which renders services for the benefit of mankind. The products and services sold to devotees goes towards construction of old age homes, orphanages and temples.

Different projects, products and services are available at SSBK to facilitate donations from devotees. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Books that are written and published by Guruji.
  2. Yantras for different issues made under the strict supervision of Guruji.
  3. Panchagavya products like Pain Relieving Oils and Bherani for Agnihotra purposes.
  4. Yagas, Homas & Poojas where devotees registering for it perform these Yagas, Homas & Poojas with their own hands.
  5. Agnihotra Kits.
  6. Donations for any Sevas
How can I get details of these Projects, Products and Services?

The details are uploaded on the ssbk website at periodic intervals. However devotees may call to 9739903955 and get more details. They could also visit the Panduranga Temple and get details from the temple notice board as well address given below

Panduranga Temple
# 9, Palace Guttahalli Main Road,
Next to Dattatreya Temple,

How do I make a payment?

Devotees visiting the temple can pay at the temple and get a receipt. In case a receipt is not provided after making the payment they should call customer care on number 9739903955 and raise a complaint providing details of the person refusing to issue the receipt.

In case devotees are purchasing a product it is the responsibility of the devotee to check the product before leaving. Product once sold or Donations made will not be taken back for any reason.

For certain services payment can be made online. An email will be sent to the devotee after online payment is received. The devotee must call customer care on 9739903955 after making an online payment and will need to provide the transaction id of the payment received from their bank. The customer care staff will have the receipt ready and can be collected from the Panduranga Temple located at # 9, Palace Guttahalli Main Road, Next to Dattatreya Temple, Malleshwaram, Bangalore-560003 during 9am to 5pm. It is the responsibility of the devotee to collect the receipt. Receipt will not be posted and must be personally collected.

How do I cancel an order?

SSBK does not believe in retaining the money paid by a devotee if the devotee is not satisfied with its products or services. Devotees desirous of receiving a refund must call customer care on 9739903955 and raise their request. Unless the product shipped to the devotee is defective which is extremely rare there will be no refund for products purchased in person. The devotee will need to return the product with its original packing at his/her cost with the receipt. Refund will be done to the same account from where payment was initially made within 15 days on receipt of the product. In case the product is not yet shipped the devotee will receive a full refund. However payment made for any service or donations towards any Seva will not be refunded. However the devotee may substitute another person in his place to avail the service purchased.

Online Cancellation Details

The customer cannot initiate online cancellation from the website and must contact customer care on 9739903955 for taking in any cancellation request or for any cancellation related questions/clarifications.

How long will it take to process my cancellation request?

If the customer requests for cancellation of item, please allow for a minimum of 3-5 business days to process the request and 5-8 days to initiate the refund. An email will be sent notifying the customer of the status thereon, and the refund will be processed soon after we receive the cancelled product in good shape. However, if the customer opts for having the money transferred back to the bank account, the process would entail a period of 15-20 business days for the refund to be realized, after receiving the returned item.

Whom should a devotee contact to get the money transferred through bank account for the cancelled product?

Please send an email giving full details of the bank account, name, bank name and branch, ifsc code, mobile number, amount and transaction number and date of payment to info@lakshmisrinivas.in .

How do I return an item purchased?
Devotee has to send the product back in its original condition without any damage, at his/her own cost through courier. SSBK will under no circumstances be liable for a refund if the product is found tampered, damaged, or defective in any way when received by us.

Refund for Products
How will I get my money back if I have paid by via Debit Card/ Credit Card?

Call customer care on 9739903955 or email us at info@lakshmisrinivas.in along with your bank account details as stated above. After receiving the product in its original state and packing, we will refund the money in your bank account. The package if opened will not be eligible for any refund.

Refund Procedure for Services or Donations for Sevas

There is no refund for services paid. However a devotee may send a replacement friend or relative to avail the service paid for. However if the service is cancelled by SSBK a full refund will be made to the same account from which payment was received on return of the receipt and providing the same bank details from which the payment was initially made.


SSBK Main Website: ssbk.in

Sri Panduranga Temple: sripandurangatemple.ssbk.in

SSBK Goshala: goshala.ssbk.in

SSBK e-Seva Center: store.ssbk.in

SSBK Agnihotra Deekshe: agnihotra.ssbk.in

SSBK Mahayaaga Event: mahayaaga.ssbk.in

SSBK Gurupurnima Event: gurupurnima.ssbk.in

SSBK Datta Jayanthi Event: dattajayanathi.ssbk.in