BM Workshop

Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji is well-versed in identifying the reasons for unexplained problems faced by individuals related to health, business, job, finance and many more.

Guruji through his rich knowledge and experience has found out that one of the reasons for the suffering of human beings is black magic which curbs their growth. Guruji has taken a decision to rid the society of such problems and is conducting Black magic removal workshops imparting knowledge not only to find solutions for one’s own problems but also to help out the family members. Guruji has offered remedies through simple mudra mantra and tantra which is easy to practice and move forward towards their desired goals.

Further, it is Guruji’s vision that every trained individual should work towards the betterment of humankind making use of the knowledge earned which helps gain positivity to oneself as well.

Why people do black magic?
This Black magic is usage of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes and to destroy someone physically or mentally or financially.

Main objective of the workshop
This workshop will train you how to remove Black magic negative energy. Trouble from Enemies , and evil effects.

Benefits of the workshop

  • You will gain the devine power to destroy all types of negative energies.
  • You can safeguard you, your family and others from black magic.
  • We have been wasting our money to remove black magic . That money can be saved.

End of the workshop or course

You will be learning from this workshop how to avoid and remove humans victims of baseless fears, How to increase fortune and destroy confusion.

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Advance BM Workshop

Purpose of Workshop:

Those who have already completed Black Magic Removal Workshop Level-1 (BMR-1) course can upgrade their knowledge scientifically and spiritually through special and more powerful new techniques.

Necessity of this workshop?

In this Present society , many peoples are suffering from non curable diseases and unsolved personal problems. Not curable disease means this because of the black magic power. We have knowledge, wisdom , education, position ,people influence and money but some time we are unable to solve our personal, professional and family problems, due to black magic energy. Apart from this, in our ancestors period many black magic prayogas were done, those black magic energies are moving forward to this generation.

  • To destroy our past , present and future enemies
  • To gain good and better health
  • To get rid of the family issues and
  • To destroy past , present and future black magic powers.
This course will benefits to remove all above said issues by this BMR-2 workshop.

In this course you will learn about how to remove or cure Bhanamati prayogas like.
  • Kekamati (peoples without their knowledge , they are continuously keep on shouting)
  • Mynaamati (person always behaves like completely mad).
  • Madamati ( nonstop ,uncontrolled sexual desires and emotions).
  • Mandamati ( loss of memory power and concentration)
  • Moodhamati ( uncontrolled, unmanageable body pain, mood changes, cramps, spotting and bloating)
  • Khelhamati (different behaviour during day and night)
  • Raktamati ( blood vomiting , blood comes in the stool)
  • Charumati ( food aversions disorders and insomnia)

In this course you will learn how to remove different types Varahi , bhagalamukhi, Bhairavi ,Kali and Chandi prayogas with pooja procedure, and practical sessions.

Duration of workshop: 3 days

Duration of classes: 8 am to 9 pm

This is three days residential course . We will provide course materials, breakfast, lunch , dinner and lodging.

Teaching structure

All these will explained by human anatomy and physiology basis with practical knowledge. This is the first of the kind in the world teaching based on science and technology. You will also learn out of many secrets techniques in this workshop . This unmeasurable and not possible to fix the price to this course.

In future we need this knowledge to survive. No hospital and no other alternative ways to invest money. If you are interested please contact below number for more information.

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Agnihotra Workshop

Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji has been practicing and performing Agnihotra for more than 25years now. The carbon-di-oxide produced while performing Agnihotra is utilised by surrounding plants and converted to molecular oxygen. The magnetic field created cleanses the environment for the well-being of human kind. Guruji has trained more than 10,000 people to perform Agnihotra and has also shared the medicinal benefits of using Agnihotra ash. Guruji‘s vision is to spread the practice of Agnihotra far and wide without any discrimination, wishes everyone to reap its benefits and is working hard to achieve this mission.

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Marma therapy Workshop

Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji is well-versed in Marmatherapy. Being an ancient form of healing, it is a subsection of Ayurveda. Guruji is conducting workshops where knowledge is imparted from evolution to its practical application in healing various health issues in today’s world. Many individuals have overcome their health issues after taking marmatherapy.

The success stories of Marmatherapy are many. People are happy to take marmatherapy as it doesn’t involve medicine intake and has no side effects while the results are instant. This therapy has helped patients stop taking regular medicines for ailments who had not been able to find a solution for their health condition till they took Marmatherapy. It is the biggest gift provided to the society by Dr. Lakshmi Srinivas Guruji.

Marmatherapists are leading a happy, healthy life after healing self and family and there is a great satisfaction in them as this knowledge is further used for Samaja seva as per Guruji Lakshmi Srinivasa’s wish which in turn helps for the betterment and upliftment of individuals at both ends.

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