Guruji has performed many Maha yagas where thousands of devotees have participated and have got benefitted. These yagas are performed in a unique way where the event starts with Agnihotra (a small homa that is performed during sunrise and sunset) followed by Sankalpa. The sankalpa is so powerful that one will feel assured that the problems, doshas, karmas (Deeds), curses (shaapa) and sins (paapa) will get burnt in the yaga fire (Agni). The seed mantras (Beeja akshara mantras) that Guruji recites while performing these yagas create a current (electric flow) within the brain and all parts of the body. These mantras are unique and cannot be found in Google or any other ordinary texts. A lot of devotees have reverted that their problems have been resolved after attending these yaagas. Scroll for more details about the yaagas.

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Dwadasha Kala Sarpa Yaga

In Vedic Astrology, Kalasarpa is an inauspicious Yoga, or Dosha, in the birth horoscope of a person, which is formed when all planets are positioned between Rahu (the planet that ends harmful effects) and Ketu (the planet that poses threats). These planetary influences are most of the time harmful. Kalasarpa Dosha is passed on from one generation to the next when any of our ancestors have killed a snake or damaged the house or eggs of a snake, prevented anyone from worshiping any Goddess or misbehaved with women who were on the spiritual path. Depending on the positions of the 7 planets between Rahu; Ketu there are 12 types of Kalasarpa Dosha viz. Ananta Kalasarpa, Kulika Kalasarpa, Vasuki Kalasarpa, Sankhapala Kalasarpa, Padma Kalasarpa, Mahapadma Kalasarpa, Takshaka Kalasarpa, Karkotaka Kalasarpa, Sankhanada Kalasarpa Yoga, Pathaka Kalasarpa, Vishadhara Kalasarpa ; Seshanag Kalasarpa. While offering poojas and huge donations at temples may reduce the effect of Kalasarpa Dosha to a small extent, participating at the Kalasarpa Maha Yaga would reap rich benefits.

Benefits of attending this yaaga:

  • The Unmarried get a suitable partner.
  • The childless couple gets blessed with a child.
  • Reproductive organs related and sexual problems are cured.
  • Skin problems like psoriasis etc are cured.
  • Doshas Malformed/differently abled child births after pregnancy are removed.
  • Problems like frequent abortions during pregnancy and immediate death after child’s birth are removed.
  • Any type of Kalasarpa doshas in one’s horoscope is rectified.
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Dwadasha Maha Pratyangira Yaga


  • Those who are suffering from mantra-tantra-baanaamathi (witchcraft) experimentations and black magic practices - affecting generations of the family who are living and the ones to come.
  • Ghosts/Evil soul attacks related issues and concerns (preta bhaade).
  • People affected with enmity in Employment, business transactions, politics, industrial and educations fields
  • If one has cast evil-eye on others - unexpected deaths, intentional deaths or accidental deaths.
  • Legal issues or court related cases and those suffering from unnecessary blames.
  • Devotees suffering from long term ailments due to black magic.
  • Those who desire for success, respect, achievement and recognition

Dwadasha Saraswathi Yaga

It is not true that everyone born on this planet will be learned and educated. While some parents cannot afford to send their children to school, other children who go to school for education face following problems:

  • Cannot recollect whatever they have studied (weak memory)
  • Read a lot but forget the beginning of the answer when asked.
  • Studies well, know the beginning but cannot answer the rest of the actual answer.
  • Studies well, know the beginning and can replicate 90% of the answer; however, cannot derive the final answer or the conclusion.
  • Studies well and know the whole answer, but won’t get marks because of bad handwriting. Has stammering problems.
  • Is not able to clear exams at school, college and even competitive exams.
  • Frequent breaks in studies.
  • Cannot excel in arts and music.

Benefits of taking part in this yaaga:

  • Our previous birth sins and curses present in our DNA/Chromosomes can be burnt through Saraswathi mantras.
  • Our bad behaviors, attitudes and samskaras present in our RNA can be rectified through these mantras.
  • The faults, laziness and health problems accumulated due to unhealthy lifestyle and food habits can be removed through Mudras (Physiotherapy).
  • Nervousness present in our body and muscle related deficiencies can be cured through mudras (Physiotherapy).
  • Any negative energies connected to studies like evil eye effects,evil energy effects like black magic and witchcraft effects can be negated by doing Tantras.
  • With the help of 12 different Saraswathi Mudra-Mantra-Tantras problems like Dementia, amnesia (forgetfulness), memory related problems, handwriting issues, stammering and short term memory can be cured easily.
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